Arsenio Di Donato
Arsenio Di Donato

The Life and Works of Arsenio Di Donato: Autistic Author and Philosopher

Arsenio Di Donato

Known by the nom de plume of Arsenio Di Donato, Andy Karsai, a son of Hungary, now finds himself well-settled in the United Kingdom as an established author and a deep-thinking philosopher. As an individual diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, his perception of existence, humanity, and the broader world has invariably set him apart from the common perspectives he must adopt.

Early Life

As a toddler, he did not voice a single word until he had surpassed his third birthday, and even upon this breakthrough, his articulatory prowess trailed noticeably behind that of his peers. Yet, his creativity blossomed early: by the tender age of seven, he crafted his inaugural poem. A mere three years later, he penned his first work in the Russian tongue, showcasing a linguistic talent far beyond his years. By turning fourteen, he had completed his first novel—an impressive feat, albeit the piece remained unpublished. This did not hinder its circulation, as it found its way into the hands of various literature professors and other enthusiasts.

His speech and communication abilities improved in his sixteenth year, though he often found that his verbal expressions led to misunderstanding or confusion. But two years later, Arsenio Di Donato had already entered the professional writing world. He began his career as a freelance journalist, contributing to the local weekly newspaper, with more than a dozen of his articles earning the coveted print space, one even gracing the paper’s headline.

Adult Life

As he approached his mid-twenties, at the age of twenty-three, Mr Di Donato achieved a major milestone by publishing his first book, available exclusively within the boundaries of his homeland, Hungary. It was met with such acclaim that it warranted three subsequent editions.

Shortly after that, Di Donato bid farewell to Hungary and set off on a grand adventure. He initially took residence in Denmark, later crossing the Atlantic to settle in the United States. He has made his home in six different countries throughout his life, interspersing his permanent stays with sojourns to many others. These travels allowed him to immerse himself in a variety of cultures, to observe diverse societies, and engage with people from all walks of life. All these experiences have considerably broadened his understanding of the world.

Academic Life

On an academic front, Di Donato dedicated much of his time to studying philosophy and computer science and has explored and practised various religions throughout his life. His artistic passions lie within the realm of photography, along with fine and abstract art. In his spare moments, he delights in adding to his collection of rare comic books, and perusing the Oxford English Dictionary cover-to-cover is his cherished pastime. Today, he leads a tranquil life, enjoying the serenity of a small town, far removed from the hustle and bustle of urban existence.

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